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Various sources from around the web that offer context on libraries, Dominica and Hurricanes.

Dr Lennox Honychurch on Dominica’s Hurricane histories – from the Kalinago (Caribs) to the colonial era to post-independence.

Dr Schuyler Esprit (of Create Caribbean) in the historical and contemporary significance of libraries on the island of Dominica.

[Topography, Topology, Typography from Schuyler Esprit on Vimeo]

Dr Adom Philogene Heron on the significance barrels as holders of transnational familial love and support – particularly in the wake of hurricane Maria.



Available on the Talking Humanities blog.

MYSTELICS Vlogs Citizen Journalist YouTube Channel.


Mystelics’ grassroots video journalism offers an on-the-ground journey through Dominica surveying everyday people’s lives in the aftermath of Maria.

His visual diaries are infused with humour, harrowing stories and informative documentation. His coverage has been some of the most wide reaching since the storm and offers a human view into Dominican daily life post-Maria.